Saturday, January 31

Since there are a few co-worker's birthdays coming up, I thought I would try out the cupcake card that I found on Linsey's blog. She did such an amazing job on her cupcakes, it inspired me to make some of my own. I don't have much cardstock or decorative paper on hand so I improvised a little. With the pink card, I used a white cardstock and I printed it brown and cut out only the base of the cupcake. I used another white piece of cardstock and printed it pink and cut out the top of the cupcake and assembled and embellished. With the blue card, I used a white cardstock and cut the base, the brown printed cardstock for the "baking cup", and last but not least a blue printed cardstock for the cupcake top. I stamped both with happy birthday in the inside and I plan to sit the cards on top of their desks instead of putting them in envelopes. This card was so easy and so much fun to make!


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I have a passion for paper-crafting, I believe that creativity is one of the most unique ways of expressing yourself. I am inspired by everything around me and I try to take on an optimistic view on things. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as my creative journey continues to challenge me. Thanks for stopping by =)
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