Tuesday, December 22
I've decided that next year I would like to participate in at least 1 or 2 craft fairs. That means starting now to stock up! I'm not sure how well one can sell at spring craft fairs so I'm shooting for fall craft fairs. I figure it'll be easier to sell the smaller things I have since people are looking for unique and fairly priced gifts for teachers and co-workers. At least I will feel alot more prepared if I start early in the year. I like to have everything lined up instead of jumping right in. I just hope I can keep my motivation. I am still having trouble trying to balance everything in my life right now but it is getting alot better.

I've got two simple cards to show you today. Nothing fancy.

I have a passion for paper-crafting, I believe that creativity is one of the most unique ways of expressing yourself. I am inspired by everything around me and I try to take on an optimistic view on things. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as my creative journey continues to challenge me. Thanks for stopping by =)
P.S. Don't forget to visit my personal blog at xoxoChelly!

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