Tuesday, January 6
This past weekend, Michael's, was having a sale on all Cuttlebug items..bringing the 79.99 item to 39.99. So I went and bought one along with a handful of embossing folders and a few dies and to my disappointment, the machine turns out to be defective. The dies don't cut all the way through and the embossing folders don't emboss. It seems as if the right side of the machine is the only part working. It'll cut through the paper only to leave the other half with nothing. I've tried everything to make my dies cut through but nothing seems to be helping. Good news is, I called Michael's today and they said they would be able to exchange for another one =). Wish me luck, I know all Cuttlebugs are different and I hope this one works better than the last one.

I have a passion for paper-crafting, I believe that creativity is one of the most unique ways of expressing yourself. I am inspired by everything around me and I try to take on an optimistic view on things. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as my creative journey continues to challenge me. Thanks for stopping by =)
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